Audiophile Grade Gold Plated Locking Banana Plugs
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Price is for ONE PAIR of Gold Plated Locking Banana Plugs (1 Red and 1 Black).  You will typically need  2 pair for each cable, or four pair for stereo speaker cables.  Bi-Wire cables require 3 pair per cable, or six pair per stereo Speaker Cables.  Please enter the number of pair you require. 

Audiophile Gold Plated Locking Banana Plugs

These are Audiophile Grade Very High Quality Gold Plated Locking Banana Plugs, a favorite for Stereo Audio and Home Theater.  The MTBP192 Locking Banana Plug body is machined from one solid piece of brass, then gold plated, and uses a stepped entry with set screws to firmly hold your wire in place.  Recommended for 14AWG to 5 AWG wire size.  The forward set screw, in the 5mm diameter part of the barrel, contacts and holds the conductor creating great signal transfer.  The rear set screw in the 8mm entry is used to hold the insulated conductor firmly in place.  The MTBP192 Audiophile Locking Bananas use a screw down locking device to give firm contact.  When you tighten the locking device, a pin inside the tip moves forward and expands the 4 way split tip to increase pressure.  Once tightened, the plug is then locked into place, for a very secure and great signal transfer connection.  These Gold Plated Locking Banana Plugs are great whether you move and/or change out equipment often, or leave it in place for years.  The locking feature provides firm contact between the pin and inside your binding post, making a very secure connection and are 24K gold plated for great signal transfer.  When you want to remove them, just loosen the screw down collar, and pull out of the binding post.  Very easy to connect and disconnect.  Dual Set Screws hold wire firmly in place.  Made to accept wire sizes from 5 ga. to 14 ga.  These are Very High Quality Gold Plated Locking Banana Plugs at a great value!  Priced per pair (1 Red and 1 Black).

Don't confuse our Locking Banana Plugs with similar ones you'll see on ebay and in other places.  These are superior quality Banana Plugs.  That's why they cost a little more.


  • Item #: MTBP192
  • Manufacturer: Douglas Connection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MTBP192

Audiophile Gold Plated Locking Banana Plugs

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