Douglas Connection Alpha RCA Analog Interconnect Cables
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When you want the very best Interconnect cable for your high end application, choose our Douglas Connection Alpha Interconnect Cables.

PRICED PER EACH 3 ft. CABLE without RCA connectors.  Please choose the length cable you need, and the RCA connectors you would like on your cables.  Prices will adjust accordingly. 

The Douglas Connection Alpha RCA analog audio cables are designed with the High End Audio enthusiasts in mind. These cables incorporate Furutech FA-aS22 Hyper Balanced Type PCOCC cable treated with the α(Alpha) process.  You can choose the length you need and from a variety of connectors we have found work well with the Furutech FA-aS22 Hyper Balanced Cable.


Furutech FA-aS22 AUDIO Cable/Hyper Balanced Type 
α (Alpha) Conductor:The PCOCC conductor wire strands and treated with the α(Alpha) process.
・Conductor:α (Alpha) Conductor(80pcs×0.18mm)
・Insulation:Thin layer Poly Propylene
・Filler(Cotton)/Paper Tape(Wrap)Fixed
・Shield:0.12mm α (Alpha) Conductor wire Braid
・Sheath:Flexible PVC (Green)
・Max. Conductor Resistance:0.01 Ω/ M
・Overall Diameter:9.0 mm(14 AWG)

  • Item #: DCALPHAIC
  • Manufacturer: Douglas Connection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DCALPHAIC

Douglas Connection Alpha Analog Interconnect Cables

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