Douglas Connection RCA Analog Interconnect Cables
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 The Douglas Connection RCA analog audio cables are designed with the discerning audio enthusiasts in mind. These cables incorporate Furez 162AA cable, which is a 99.997 OFHC 16AWG twisted pair configuration cable, with 2 Shields to maximize protection against unwanted noise infiltration.  Shield one is a 95% tinned copper braid and shield two is a 100% Aluminum Polyester Foil wrap.  Choose your connector from our Douglas Connection, Furez, Furutech, Vampire Wire, or Xhadow RCA Connectors.
Furez FZ162AA 16AWG Analog Audio Cable:
 • 16AWG Analog Audio Cable / Subwoofer Cable
• UL CL3 In-Wall Rated Analog Audio Cable
• Color: Dark Blue
• 103 Strand (Per Conductor) - 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper Conductors
• 2 Conductor Plus Double Shielded Construction
• Internally Twisted Conductors with Molded Round Outer Jacket
• Double Shielded Construction
- 95% Tinned Copper Braid Shield (136 Strands of 36AWG = App. 15AWG)
- 100% Aluminum Polyester Foil Shield
• DC Resistance: 4.01 Ohm/1000'
• DC Resistance Shield/Conductor: 2.09 Ohm/1000'
• Rac @ 1KHz: 8.40mOhm/ft
• Rac @ 1KHz: 6.34mOhm/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
• Capacitance @ 1KHz: 20.86 pF/ft
• Capacitance @ 1KHz: 39.56 pF/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
• Inductance @ 1KHz: 0.201 uH/ft
• Inductance @ 1KHz: 0.126 uH/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
• 0.032" (0.810mm) Thick PVC Outer Jacket
• 0.0275" (0.70mm) Foamed Polyethylene (FPE) Insulation
• Nominal Outer Cable Diameter - 0.295” (7.493mm)

  • Item #: DCFAIC
  • Manufacturer: Douglas Connection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DCFAIC

Douglas Connection Analog Interconnect Cables

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