Furutech GTX-D Gold plated plated pure copper receptacle
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Furutech’s Top-Tier GTX Receptacles
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GTX-D (G) Duplex Pure Copper Duplex Receptacle w/Gold Plating  $215.00

An excellent Furutech power product, manifesting a devotion to best performance in every element of AC and signal transfer Considering that what you actually hear is in a very real sense the direct product of the incoming AC then the final few feet are of prime importance for best performance.

Of course everyone would love to make pure-copper receptacles, but its malleability –lack of stiffness –makes pure copper a poor choice. That’s why you’ll find phosphor bronze or brass in some receptacles. Furutech’s intense engineering scrutiny has resulted in an industry-first, a technique allowing us to use special Furutech 24k gold-or rhodium-plated a(Alpha) pure copper conductors strengthened and sprung by our innovative nonmagnetic Stainless Steel Conductor Spring System that keeps a firm grip yet won’t damage male connector blades or their plated surfaces. Even the screw-down pressure plates are curved to maximize contact area. The GTX receptacle can be summed up in a word; virtuoso!

Rhodium or gold-plated a (Alpha) Pure CopperConductor (0.8mm)

Nonmagnetic stainless conductor spring system

Bodymaterial: Nylon/fiberglass with piezoceramic and carbon damping material

Cover material:Polycarbonate

Parts set with nonmagnetic 2.0mm-thick stainless brace plate

Specified for wire diameters of 4mm (set screw)

Dimensions: 104.0 mm (L) x 47.2 mm (W) x 28.0 mm (H)

Total attention to detail and build quality extends right down to a specially 
designed patent-pending conductor pressure plate (see below) that increases contact area

Furutech spade terminal FP-209-10 recommended for 10 AWG wire
  • Item #: FUGTXDG
  • Manufacturer: Furutech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GTX-D G

Furutech GTX-D G Pure Copper Duplex Receptacle

Price: $215.00
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