Gold Plated 5 way binding posts
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When it's time to upgrade your Binding Posts this is a great choice.  These Gold Plated Brass Binding Posts are sold as a set of 2 pair (2 Red and 2 Black).  Select the number of sets you need.  For a pair of stereo speakers you will need 1 set.  If your speakers are set up for Bi-wire, (Have 4 binding posts on each speaker) you will need to order 2 sets.

 Gold Plated solid Brass Long Shank 5 Way Binding Posts.  These Binding Posts have a shank length of 29.9mm (1.177 IN.) which make them a great choice if you need to mount them through MDF in speaker enclosures.  Use a 5/16 in. drill bit for correct hole size.

These are our more economical Gold Plated Brass Binding Posts, but don't let the low price fool you.  These are very high quality 5 way Gold Plated Solid Brass Binding Posts, with all the features you have come to expect from us.  They accept Banana Plugs, Spades, Pins, and Bare wire.  These are a great choice for that DIY Project upgrading your OEM binding posts to higher quality Gold Plated Binding Posts.  They accept standard Banana Plugs, Spades, Pins or Bare wire.  They are 1/4"  8mm binding posts, and can be used with any center spacing.  A Great Value, for a lower price.

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Gold Plated Binding Posts 2 Pair

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