Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations, KLEI’s expert Knowledge, Resources, and Collaboration with respected Industry Leaders, guarantees that KLEI products can be relied on for Quality and Performance. Our R&D process is a strong balance between Theory, Design, Engineering and many hours of Testing and Listening.
Acknowledging EMF, EMI and RFI can only be controlled, and even nullified, is the first step to uninhibited high end audio. Most cable designers stumble here and in doing so narrow their products’ frequency bandwidths to the detriment of the overall sound.  The Harmony RCA Plugs are an example of the improvements KL has made over his Eichmann Bullet plugs.
Our cable designs draw on our experience with connectors and as such, KLEI reference cables can be trusted to deliver the true character of your system.
KLEI’s definition of success… Simple! That the signal, being transmitted through connectors and cables, remains unchanged during its journey.

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KLEI Copper Harmony RCA Plugs KL Eichmann KLEI gPower2 AC Power Cable
KLEI Copper Harmony RCA PlugsKLEI gPower2 AC Power Cable

Our newest RCA Plugs Keith Louis Eichmann KLEI Copper Harmony RCA Plug with Silver-Plated Copper Ground and Signal pin Set of 4. 

KLEI GPower2 AC Power Cable Wonderful power cables from KL Eichmann, the inventor of the famous bullit plug Sound/Conclusion: There is a WOW factor with KL’s KLEI™gPOWER2 AC power cable. We believe that it allows your audio components...




KLEI PURE Harmony RCA Plugs KL Eichmann
KLEI Pure Harmony RCA Plugs

Our newest RCA Plugs Keith Louis Eichmann KLEI PURE Harmony RCA Plug with Pure Silver Ground and Signal pin Set of 4. 


1 - 3 of 3 items