Pass & Seymour 8200-HI Receptacle
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Pass & Seymour 8200HI Hospital Grade Duplex Receptacle with triple wipe power contacts.

These receptacles feature higher contact pressure than the builder grade receptacles found in most homes.  This gives you tighter holding power for plugs and are a great upgrade for your audio or home theater system.  

Pass & Seymour® 8200HI Hospital Grade Duplex Receptacle Made in the USA.

One-piece, nickel-plated triple-wipe brass power contacts

Easily accessible break-off line contact connecting tab and terminal compartments isolated from each other for positive conductor containment

Locked in corrosion-resistant, zinc-plated steel strap

UL Listed, CSA Certified, and FSUL

Back wire holes allow entry of conductor insulation partially into body but not into wiring compartment

Zinc plated steel straps provide enhanced ground conductivity.  With Steel straps and auto-ground, 
these rugged receptacles are ideal for any installation in which ground path through the strap 
is especially critical. 
They also provide all the durability and ease-of-installation features or our other Heavy-Duty 
Receptacles including triple-wipe brass power contacts, impact resistant construction and 
screw-pressure-plate back wiring.

  • Item #: PS8200HI
  • Manufacturer: Pass & Seymour
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 8200-HI

Pass Seymour 8200HI Hospital Grade Duplex Receptacle

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