Vampire Wire BPH-3 Binding Posts
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When it's time to upgrade your Binding Posts this is a good choice if you don't want to enlarge the mounting holes to accept the larger shanks on our upgrade posts.  Select the number of sets you need.  Each set includes 2 red and 2 black binding posts with mounting blocks and hardware.  For a stereo pair you need to order 1 set.  If your speakers are set up for Bi-wire, (Have 4 binding posts on each speaker) you will need to order 2 sets.



The #BP-3 is a replacement style binding post made of a brass base metal, nickel sub plate, hard gold finish, insulated (red/black) top and the nuts are not removeable.  The mounting shaft size is 0.186 in. (4.73mm), on 3/4” center.

The #BP-3 has a full 1/4” front shaft with a large cross drill hole. Price per set(2 red/2black and blocks)

  • Item #: VWBP3
  • Manufacturer: Vampire Wire
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: #BP-3

Vampire Wire BP 3 Gold Plated Binding Posts

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