Vampire Wire LRCA8 Locking RCA Plug
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The Vampire Wire LRCA8 Locking RCA Plug sold as a pair.  Please enter the number of pair you need.

Vampire Wire LRCA8 Locking male RCA connector.

The #LRCA8 (8 mm) is designed to lock by compressing the ground crown to the chassis connector. The outer body controls the locking feature. Both coaxial and twinaxial cables are easily installed. To plug the #LRCA8 in, be sure the outer body is loose, insert the plug and rotate the outer barrel clockwise until snug. Priced per pair.

  • Item #: VWLRCA8
  • Manufacturer: Vampire Wire
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: #LRCA8

Vampire Wire LRCA8 Male Locking RCA

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